Without the use of fundraisers, parents would have to support all the needs of the swim team through program fees. In order to keep sign-up costs down, we have some very important fundraisers which we use to raise money for the swim team.

A. 1 Case of Water, Gatorade or Soda per child- to be used to sell during swim meets.

B. Winter Cup- Our team hosts this meet every January.

C. Swim Marathon – Swimmers get sponsors to donate money per lap and then swim as many laps as possible for 30 minutes. Parents also needed to count lap. (Minimum $20)

D. Sell at least $100 worth of Lottery Raffles (If you are unable to sell for whatever reason, you will need to pay $100 per child).

More information will be coming soon. Please contact Nadia with ideas or if you would like to sponsor the Clifton Seahawks Swim Team. Thank You!

181 Colfax Avenue, Clifton NJ 07013