Dual Meet Jobs

Parent Volunteer Jobs

Timers – There are 2 timers per lane.

Timers use a stopwatch to accurately time the race, and record the times on a “lane card”. They also help ensure that the correct swimmers are in the correct lanes by verifying the swimmers name before each race. There is a timers meeting held at the start of each meet to go over everything in detail, especially for new timers.

Runner – collects the lane cards and brings them to the scoring table.

Scorer – records the official time, and designates medals and ribbons to top finishers.

Colorado Operator– Sets up and operates the Colorado Timing System. Saves and prints the results of each race. (see the table below for more detail)

Colorado Operator Assistant – Assists the person running the timing system. Takes printouts of each race and gives it to the Timing Judge.


Colorado Timing System 5
Setup Options



Food Sales & Refreshments (home meets only) – Manages the concession stand, including setup and cleanup.

50/50 Raffle – During the meet, go around and sell raffle tickets to the spectators. Before the very last race of the meet, the starter will announce the winner.

Marshal – Organizes the swimmers for their events. Lets the swimmers know what heat and lane they are in, and ensures the swimmers make it to the starting blocks for their race. Marshal must ensure that swimmers do not leave the pool area during the meet, so that they do not miss their race.


Head Timer – meets with the timers and officials before the meet starts.

For the timers the head timer:

Explains the procedures to the timers before the meet starts.

Makes sure the scoreboard from the previous race has been cleared before starting a new race.

Starter – Responsible for giving swimmers a fair start. The starter uses the Colorado starting system to start the race. The starting system automatically starts the timing system. The starter must be certified.

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