Parent Participation

Clifton Seahawks Parent Participation
2017- 2018

Swimming is a volunteer intensive sport. All parents must assist in the operation of every meet. It is impossible to run these meets without everyone’s help.

Parents must volunteer for:

1. Two Dual Meets. (1 shift per meet per child)

2. Be a timer for USAS meets as needed.

3. Winter Cup (1 shift per child, per day)

4. Fundraisers:

a. Swim Marathon (minimum $20) October 11, 2017.

b. One case of Water, Gatorade or Soda per child per season (to be used for sale at the concession stand during home swim meets).

c. Sell at least $100 worth of Lottery Raffles (If you are unable to sell for whatever reason, you will need to pay $100 per child)

                                    Fee for missed assignment is $100.

Dual Meets (Home)

Each volunteer must work 2 hours per meet. Please stay for the entire duration of your assignment; you may not leave and come back to finish the hours.  If you cannot work your assignment, you MUST find a replacement.
If your child becomes sick and cannot attend the meet, a replacement will be provided but the parent must notify Nadia and volunteer to make up the missed assignment at one of the future dual meets or they will be charged a fee of $100 per missed assignment.

Fee for missed assignment is $100.

Please refer to the Parents – Dual Meets page for descriptions/information about assignments.

USAS Meets

At USAS Meets, CBGC is given timing assignments by the host team. As a courtesy to the host team, we expect a parent to time once every two USAS meets that their child attends. The length of each assignment will depend on the number of swimmers attending the meet and the length of the session. Once assigned, parents are expected to fulfill their assignment or find a replacement.
Remember, you must accompany your child to every USAS meet, or your child will not be able to swim.
If the swimmer becomes sick and cannot attend the meet, a replacement will be provided but the parent must notify coach Anna so they can be re-assigned appropriately to a future meet.

Fee for missed assignment is $100.

Scratches: It is your responsibility to know the meet entry procedures and to check the bulletin boards and website regularly to know if your swimmer has been entered in a meet. If your swimmer is entered for any meet, by you or the coach, and you need to ‘scratch’ from that meet, you must inform the coach that will be at the meet as early as possible. In addition, you must notify coach Anna otherwise you may be assigned to time and subsequently charged $100 for failing to fulfill your assignment.

Hosted Meets

Hosted meets are USAS meets run by CBGC. Job preferences are posted as we prepare for the meet.

Volunteer requirements for hosted meets are listed below:

WinterCup – January, 2018

Parents of all swimmers entered in Wintercup meet will be assigned to volunteer. Once you are assigned based on the entries, a $100 fee will be charged for anyone not working. Parents must volunteer 1 shift per child, per day.

Fee for missed assignment for WinterCup is $100.

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